Billie Leisure was one of the most famous talking penalization singers in U.s.. Her concrete name was Eleanora Fagan. Like most lives of musicians, she had a very bad time maturation up which damaged her career. Her life is typewritten roughly in the autobiography Muslim Sings The Megrims, but there are umteen things in there that are not truly reasonable. Her period examine is from an actress, Billie Dove and her ascendent Clarence Spend.

Billie grew up in the poorest extent of Port. Her parents united when she was ternion geezerhood old, but it did not last. They divorced and she was upraised by her care and varied relatives. She had been raped when she was eleven life old, and skipped school a lot, so she was situated in The Refuge of the Smashing Herdsman in 1925. The Asylum of the Serious Drover was a reform school for Catholics. A human of the kin helped her out of there a brace of period subsequent. She then went to New Dynasty to live with her overprotect. A year afterward, her mother disclosed a populate was raping Billie, the man spent troika months in

Things seemed to go from bad to worse. Billie had said a building claimed her where she worked as a tart , and then was in prison for awhile. She started revealing for tips in the Harlem period clubs in the 1930’s. It was said when she had not a dime to her vernacular and was almost to be evicted, she sang “Beam’lin All Solitary” at a order and had the interview flagrant. She kept singing for tips until she ended up at a touristy talking edifice titled Pod’s and Jerry’s in Harlem. A lot of her performing cannot be discovered, but it is said she was employed at Monette’s, other edifice in 1933 when Evangel Hammond, a talent reconnoitre found her.

John got her to record with Comedian Bandleader that equal period. She herb in a group with Teddy Geophysicist, a pianist. Their debut was the song “Miss Brownish You”, and “What A Little Moonshine Can Do”, which prefab her a famous nothingness vocalist. The period multitude that, she began recording under her own coach defamation. Both of the musicians who she performed with her the first, such as Lester newborn, a meaning sax participant. Lester was a tenant in her mother’s asylum, so they were saintly friends. He was the one who gave her the sobriquet Lady Day. She gave him the call Prez. She also performed with Artie River marque, someone gave her the strain “Exotic Production” around lynching. She sang the strain at a association in 1939, xenophobic of some gracious of return. Afterward on, Billie said that it was siamese to the ending of her antecedent, and that is concept of the ground why she performed it. She was status that a lot of people didn’t realise the song. She said,” They’ll ask me to sing that horny strain near the people movement.” River didn’t record it, but Commodore Records did. She sang that strain for twenty geezerhood.

She began doing drugs in the 1940’s, ringed Pry Monroe, a instrumentalist in 1941. At the selfsame time, she was with her have financier Joe Guy experience with him unwashed law. She divorced her husband in 1947, and departed from her take dealer, but spent cardinal months in a correctional facility for women. Because her Nightclub Card was purloined, she couldn’t fulfil in clubs in New Royalty City for the conclusion twelve years of her life, eliminate once at the Black Lodge with permit.

She continued on with entity insult, and deed into the trounce relationships with men.
She died in 1959 from cirrhosis of the liver. She was honorable 44 life old. All she had was seventy cents in the incline, and a $750 newspaper fee. A pic Lady Sings The Megrims was through most her life starring Diana Sempstress. It wasn’t the echt story but it gave Diana a Uncomparable Actress oratory. Billie has been an aspiration for many people and is soothe one of the top nothingness penalty vocalists today.