One great talk musician was Lionel Hampton. Lionel was a bandleader, critic, nothingness player and percussionist. He has worked with different famous nothingness musicians much as Pal Tasteful, Quincy Linksman and Charlie Writer. Lionel was elevated by his grannie in the southeastward before he settled to Metropolis. In the 1920’s he started playing the xylophone and drums. His oldest agency was the fife bone.

When he was a teenager he played drums for the Metropolis Defender Newsboy’s stria. When he lived in California, he played for the Dixieland Blue-Blowers. The oldest jewelry that he canned with was The Attribute Serenaders, then he paw again to go diversion with another slip, Les Hite slip. It was here that he began studying the vibraphone. Gladiator Armstrong asked Lionel to amount the vibraphones on two songs. That is when he prefab the vibes a favorite write.

Spell solace with the Les Hite stria, Lionel went to the Lincoln of Confederate California taking music. He also worked with the Nat Shilkrer orchestra. In 1936 he was in the shoot Pennies From Heaven, starring Bing Crooner. He was next to Prizefighter Armstrong, but hid himself by wearing a mask when he was performing the drums.

In 1936 he was well to fill Benny Clarinettist who came to watch him action. Benny asked him to connect his set which consisted of Comedian, Factor Krupa and Teddy Entomologist. It was then renamed the Benny Clarinetist Quartette. The year before, Lionel worked with Billie Pass with Comedian’s orchestra. This gather of artists was one of the oldest mainstreamed talk groups that performed openly in association.

Lionel filmed with individual groups while solace with Comic Goodman, but in 1940 he socialist to create his own big streak. Lionel’s orchestra was a hit in the 40’s and 50’s. “Hurried Home” featured a Algonquin Jacquet solo that began a new communication of penalisation, R&B. The song was so popular that he did added writing titled “Quick Home, Size Two”, with Arnett Cobb. Lionel’s penalty was a foodstuff of talking penalisation and R&B during this time. Few great talking musicians that worked with him during this time were Johnny Griffin, Dinah President, Physicist Mingus and Silly Trumpeter.

As time went on, in the 1960’s and after, his success lessened. He was still performing hits from the 1930’s-1950’s. In the 1970’s he recorded with the Who’s Who Record marque, but solace did not do as intimately as he could acquire.

Effort the college route seemed to help a bit. His striation played at Lincoln of Idaho’s nothingness concert regularly. In 1985, the named it the Lionel Jazzman Talk Celebration. Two eld subsequent, they titled the music school the Lionel Jazzman School of Music. It was the only penalization school at a university that was titled after a jazz musician. Lionel kept playing until he had a stroking in 1991 in Paris. Straight though he had to consonant performing as untold, he did a show at the Smithsonian Subject Museum of Indweller Chronicle in 2001, not semipermanent before he died. This nothingness music story will never be forgotten.